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Upcoming Weekends

Send-Off - Friday at 5:30 pm

 Serenade - Saturday at 6:30 pm

Closing - Sunday at 4:30 pm

All functions are at the Camp of Colors

Young Women's #60 - February 28-March1, 2020
Jill Blue, Director
Natalie Uribe,  Youth Director

 Young Men's #60 - March 6-8, 2020
Patrick Ingram, Director
Austin Ingram, Youth Director


 Young Women's #61 -October 16-18, 2020
Elise Nichols, Director
TBA, Youth Director


Young Men's #61 -October 23-25, 2020
David Moyer, Director
TBA, Youth Director


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Young Women's Vida Nueva #60


"God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope offered to us may be greatly encouraged.  We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm, and secure.  It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain"  Hebrews 6:18-19

Jill Blue

Youth Director
Natalie Uribe

Head Cha
Tara Turlington Chatham

Youth Head Cha
Jessica James

Backup Director
Debbie Lancaster

Elise Nichols

Youth Director Rover
Kristen Langston Green

Council Rep.
Caley Motes

Spiritual Directors
Tim Langston, Head
Lisa Dent
Paul Owens
Mark Brague

Karlye Hayes, Head
Cierra Motes

Tech Cha
Meagan Stanfill
Denise Fowler

Data Cha
Mary Ann Litchfield

Ideals - Lindsey Wagner
Prodigal Daughter - Cierra Motes
Christian Life - Janelle James
Communications - Anne Owens Reynolds
Christian Growth - Rachael Wade
Marriage - Jill & Desmond Blue
Single Life - Libby Davenport
Christianity In Action - Jane Brumley
Beyond VN - Natalie Uribe
Silent - Lori Johnson
Silent - Malika Washington
Silent - Paula Prewett
Silent - Kaye Ellington
Silent - Tracy Limes
Silent - Barb Stover

Risen Christ - Abbey Vaughn
Confidence In Christ - Jalynn Marshall

Table Chas
Katharine Kohl - Head
Mikayla Johnson
Kisten Langston Green
Sarah Duncan
Rachael Elphick
Jacee Williams
Grace Cocklereece

Kristen Barfield - Head
Anna Meyer Hill
Natalie Martin
Evelyn Whitehurst

Gwen Brague - Head
Kara Thacker - Youth Head
Tamesha Lampley
Abbey Vaughn
Jalynn Marshall

Lauren McElwee King - Head
Delaney Langston
Gracie Moody
Katelyn Spellman

Keojah McBryde - Head
Rachel Kight - Youth Head
Desola Davis
Marie Bauer
Ashley Sakhleh

Kristen Johnson - Head
Keely Vaughn - Youth Head
Jessica Buchanan
Helen Kight
Emmie Valezquez
Rylee Buchanan

Laura & Matthew Vaughan - Head
Amber & Ricky Davis - Asst Head
Sarah Bell Murphy- Youth Head
Desmond Blue
Briana Heath
Caitlyn Vaughn
Chloe Seymour
Sydney Ingram
Meghan Ashley
Serena Belisle
Suzie Mitchell
Lindsay Ellis
Sandra Adams

Patrice McLuhan - Head
Jean Whitehurst
Rhoda Owens
Audrey Alexander
Sharon Langston
Courtney McTaggart

Ricky Harrod

Stephen Chatham - Head
Robert Willequer
Ben Johnston

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Young Men's Vida Nueva #60

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."  Isaiah 41:10 


Patrick Ingram

Youth Director
Austin Ingram

Head Cha
Harold McCane

Youth Head Cha
Harrison Wade

Backup Director
Cole Knight

David Moyer

Council Rep.
T.J. Langston

Spiritual Directors
Len Kight - Head
Josh Cheresnick
James Agan

Jake Adams - Head

Tech Cha
Chris Knight

Data Cha
David Moyer

Ideals - David Christian
Prodigal Son - Jenson Hess
Christian Life - Jordan Hobbs
Communications - Joshua Quinn
Christian Growth - Tan Davis
Marriage - Patrick & Brandie Ingram
Single Life - Ben Johnston
Christianity In Action - Spencer Hess
Beyond VN - Austin Ingram
Silent - Robert Arnold
Silent - Scott MCDonnell
Silent - Michael Beasley
Silent - Robert Mitchell
Silent - Jake Stone
Silent - Will Siple

Risen Christ - Jacob Spellman
Confidence In Christ - Adrian Waldron

Jacob McLaughlan - Head
Brannon Fowler
Fernando Uribe, Jr.
Jake Carter
Zach Kirk
Joseph McDonnell
Nathaniel McTaggart

Charles Shultz
Bill Fowler
Mason Crutchley

Fernando Uribe, Sr. - Head
Cody Kirkland - Youth Head
Philip King
Adrian Waldron
Griffin Webb


Mike Chastain - Head
Mike Dobbins
Garrett Cash


Chase Knight - Head
Jacob Spellman - Youth Head
Mark McGovney
Jordan Griffith
Kyle Kosior
Hans Hwang Bo

Jay Smith - Head
Warren Caylor
Evan Caylor
Carsen Miller
Andrew Clark
Steve Harris
Conrad Sikorski

Greg & Rita Slagle - Head
John & Julie Carter - Asst Head
Dylan Worthy - Youth Head
Darlene Knight
Kevin Stacy
Joey Dodson
Will Gunn
Lee Deyampert
Ty Nickelson
Micha Moore
Matthew Green
Brandie Ingram
Nate Green
Amy Wade
Tiffany Tullis
Ben Stone
Mechele Fidelman

Don Stewart - Head
James Adcock
Peter Vien
Rick Fidelman


Scott Bridges

Bill Coe - Head




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